Thursday, 3 September 2015

Why Being Single Isn't A Great Idea?

   When you are young and enjoying life, you may think that being single for a long time could surely be a great idea but it isn't according to psychologists.

    Also, staying alone forever isn't practical. Many people think that it is better to avoid the struggles of relationships; they prefer to stay alone. But on the other hand, relationships can also contribute joy though they also cause pain. 

    Though many relationships are failing in the modern world, experts suggest that it doesn't mean that being in a relationship or marrying someone is totally futile.

Loneliness May Cause Depression 

       Being single for a long time may also cause depression according to health experts. Gradually, negative feelings may arise when a person is not cared for or loved.

Ageing Body Requires Company 

      Are your too comfortable being single? Well, then it is better to realise that some or the other day, your body requires the help or co-operation of your family members when it is old and ill. This is a good reason to have a companion and kids

Sharing Your Joys Becomes Important 

        Do you know why being single isn't wise? Well, when you want to share your joys with a special someone, where would you run? When that joy is missing, life isn't beautiful any more.

Life Loses Its Meaning 

         Staying alone forever isn't easy as it could be frustrating. One day, life totally loses its meaning and this may cause regrets. So, it is better to stay with loved ones instead of trying to choose a harder path. 

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