Thursday, 3 September 2015

Things Women Do That Annoy Men

      Yes, even beautiful women can sometimes look unattractive. Though some men are okay with whatever women do, there are others that would beg to differ. There are some things women do that are unattractive.

       Some behavior patterns may turn men off. There could be many reasons why we perceive certain things like that. The reasons could be cultural ones or the upbringing conditions. But the fact is, some things that women do may come across as pretentious. What are they? Why men hate such actions?

Making Faces In Selfies

       Some women have the habit of making funny faces or weird expressions in their selfies. Of course, they think that it is cool but men hate such pictures.

Posting Too Many Selfies 

       Also some women keep posting their selfies multiple times in a day on their social networking profiles. Men perceive this as a disorder.

Wearing Too Much Of Makeup 

        Excessive make up is another one of the gross things women do that men hate. 

Acting Like Damsel In Distress 

        Some girls have this habit. They act childish. Some pretend as if they are 'weak' and they need the help of a man. Men generally hate this kind of pretentious behavior

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