Thursday, 3 September 2015

6 Signs That He Respects You

       Respect is one of the most important thing that is necessary in any given relationship. It makes your relationship stronger with the other person. Today, I'm going to share the 6 important signs that he respects you.

One cannot love a person without respecting them. To make your relationship stronger and for it to sustain the key is respecting your partner. Only when you do so you get to have a happy relationship. Respecting is not necessary that a man alone is suppose to do in the relationship. It is vise versa. Its a two way policy where you have to respect to get respect. Without respecting you get nothing.

Opinion Matters 

               When you thinking of a job change or be a simple thing like selecting a shirt to wear for the day he would ask you generally. Little things like these hint on that he respects you.

Never Dictates 

          You If you think that your man is pretty lenient and gives you the much needed freedom then it is a sign that he trusts and respects you the most. He gives you the much needed space and makes sure that things do not get complicated.

Not Jealous 

        When your man is in love with you he trusts you the most and he gives you the entire freedom. He never stops you from dreaming big and he always encourages you. By doing so he shows that he respects your decisions as well as you.

He's A Team 

         When you make a decision you can always count on him and he is always there to back you. He would never embarrass you or contradict on his words. Your dignity matters to him the most and he will never let you down.

Never A Showoff 

        He never flaunts about his new hike or bike in front of you as they think that what ever happens good is for both of you. What is his is yours. He respects you so he never shows off.

Motivates You 

         When he realizes that you are low due to any pressure at work or any other reason he is there like a fuel to charge you up with good motivating talk. This is a sign that he respects you and motivates you to reach heights. 

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