Thursday, 3 September 2015

How To Cool Your Sensitive Girlfriend

Every man must know how to deal with a highly sensitive person. Some women are generally on the sensitive side. Blame it on hormones or moods, some women tend to hyper react to certain situations.

As a man you just need to know how to cool her down. If you can't go through that emotional exercise then you are not meant to be with expressive women. Never try to judge her or label her. Some women tend to get overwhelmed in emotions; so they get carried away when they are upset.

Though this might be a boring episode to men, some do enjoy it as they get the feeling of 'knight in the shining armour' for 'the damsel in distress'.

Stay Cool
Never lose your cool when dealing with a hypersensitive girlfriend. Things might get worse if you react without thinking. 

Don't Even Try To Judge Her

           Judge her and she will cry even more! Say something nice or remain silent for a moment.

Don't Label Her

           If you ever label her as emotional or sensitive, you will lose her forever. She hates it!

Try To Read Her Emotions

           All sensitive girls need only one thing: an understanding partner. Try to read what she's trying to communicate through her sensitive feelings.

Hug Her Tight

         This will work wonders when she is in tears. Make her feel secure in your hug.

Let Her Talk

       Give enough room for her to cry as much as possible and talk as much as possible. Don't even interrupt her. She will explode if you do so.

Don't Criticise Her

         The worst thing you can do is criticise her actions at that vulnerable moment.

Tell Her Something Sweet

         Treat her like a child and pamper her for sometime. Tell sweet things about her to see whether she gets normal.

Make Her Laugh

           Make an effort to make her laugh. Your efforts are enough to make her understand that you do care for her.

Kiss Her!

         This will work out wonders if done correctly. But if gone wrong, she might even slap you for doing such a thing in the wrong time lol

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