Thursday, 3 September 2015

Signs Your Colleague Is In Love With You

    Nowadays, office romance has become common. Relationship experts have found a reason for this. You tend to spend 8 hours of the day in your office. This means that you tend to spend most of your waking hours in front of your team members.

     Well, this makes it easy for falling in love with each other. Have you ever realised that someone in your team is trying to get close to you? If he or she is trying to get close then it is one of the signs your colleague is in love with you.

     There are chances of someone dreaming about you every night after going home. Do you wish to know who it is? Then carefully read the below points. They are some signs your colleague likes you. 

Sign #1 

    He or she tries to talk to you at the drop of the hat. Every now and then, he or she might try to start a conversation with you.

Sign #2 

     He gets caught staring at you. This happens several times and he enjoys getting caught. This just means that your colleague is in love with you!

Sign #3 

    He seeks your opinion in every small matter related to his work even when it is not required. This is because he wants an opportunity to talk to you.

Sign #4 

    He compliments your work too often even when your boss never cares to promote you. He wants to express his love through his compliments.

Sign #5

    He spends most of the time around you though he has other work elsewhere in his cabin. This just shows that he is interested to be around you most of the time.

Sign #6 

     He tries to text you post office. Don't misunderstand this. He is trying to say something if you care to listen.

Sign #7 

    He tries to help you the moment he sees you in trouble. This is one of the signs a colleague likes you.

Sign #8 

    He remembers your birthday and tries to gift you with something expensive. This just means that he wants you to realise that he is interested in you. Of course, don't take the above points for granted. Be practical and confirm the same by talking to him or her openly. Share your opinions about this topic with me.

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