Thursday, 3 September 2015

10 Things Girls Like To Hear From Men

        Girls like to hear many things from their boyfriends or even husbands that will make her feel happy and satisfied with the relation. However, men never realise that they should say these simple things that can make the bond with her even more stronger. 
         Girls are a bit diverted from being practical and want to hear the things which they might already know . They don't want to get underestimated in any case and always want to know their importance in your life.

         Sometimes guys also think that if they say anything, they might take it in a wrong sense. Therefore, they like to keep mum and fear that saying anything might spoil their relationship. On the contrary, some guys don't feel the need to say anything because of many reasons. Some don't say as they don't want to make the girl feel her importance and some don't say as they think that their girl already knows it.

         However, you need to say these simple things to a girl that will make her happy and make your relationship strong. Here are some simple things that will make your girl happy.

Asking For Her Opinion 

        This will also show that your girl is important to you. Involving her in your decisions will make her feel important and respected as well. Remember, she may also give you an advice that will help you a lot as there will be feminine touch and she may have a different perspective that will prove beneficial to you.

I’m So Lucky To Have You 

          If you tell a girl that she is your lucky charm and you are lucky to have her, she will fall head over heels in love with you. Knowing her importance in your life is very important as she will know that you are not underestimating her rather these words say that you can't live without her at all.

Compliment Her 

          Remember that your girl spends a lot of time in beautifying herself for only you. Therefore, she deserves some real compliments so that she will feel on the top of the world. If she can take pains for you, then you must say some words of praise for her. Tell her everyday that she looks fabulous and don't take her for granted.

You’re My Best Friend 

           A girl always wants to be your best friend and not just a partner in the bed. Therefore, you must tell her often that she is your best friend and the true love of your life. This shows that you don't love her just for her good looks but because of her nature too.

You Will Always Be The Only Girl In My Life 

           Make her feel that you are truly committed to her so that she will not feel insecure in anyway. You should not just say but mean it. This will make her feel special and clear all the doubts (in any case) regarding you. Saying that she is the only girl and will be her first and last love will also boost your relationship and her self esteem too.

You’ll Make A Wonderful Mother 

           Telling your girl that you have all qualities of a good mother is a mark of respect for her and ever girl would love to listen that. This will make her feel perfect and flawless in her character. Knowing that she can be a good mother will really make her so in future.

I Love You 

        These are the magical words that every girl loves to listen be it fake or true. The girls heart will definitely melt for you with these three words. However, if not only your words but actions mean that you love her, she will definitely fall for you.

Praise Her After Getting Intimate 

        You must praise and show gratitude to her when you get intimate with her on bed. This will make her feel wonderful and encourage her to be bold.

Let’s Go Shopping! 

         Every girl loves to shop, so if you want to win her heart, take her out for shopping. You can take her for shopping after a nice date.

I Need A Cuddle 

        Girls love to hear that you want to cuddle her with great love and affection. If you will ask her for a cuddle, she will come to know her importance in your life. You need not to shy away if you have a new relationship. This will boost your relation with her.

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