Thursday, 3 September 2015

7 Things To Avoid On Your First Date

      A date with your man is the most fascinating thing and if its your first date then its the time to create a best impression on your man. You must have heard that first impression can be your last impression and if you are able to grab the opportunity, your partner will always remember you in a good way.

     Apart from your attire for a date, you have to take care of your behavior too. You have to be cautious about certain things during your date. Ladies who talk much have to put a break on that while on a date. You have to be a bit mysterious for your man so that he becomes more curious about knowing you.

      Never spoil your partner's mood by being calorie conscious on a date. If you are on a diet plan, forget it for a moment and have your meals well. This will create a good impression and it will depict rerspect for your man. Here are few more important things that you have to avoid on a date.

Avoid Being Talkative 

       By nature girls, like to talk more but this should not apply on your date. While on a date, especially your first date, you should look classy and elegant. A real lady should create some mystery in her nature and that is only possible when you talk less and talk only when it is needed.

Avoid Old Worn Out lingerie 

      Never wear old and faded underwear during your date. Beautiful lingerie will make you attractive and you will feel confident. Your self esteem during the date will be high. They are pleasant to wear. If you are confident, you man will certainly get attracted to you.

Never Leave Your Legs unshaved 

      Men like soft and smooth skin. If you have small unwanted hair on your legs that will look unappealing. Besides taking care of your facial make-up, you must take care of legs and armpits also. If you are not hygienic enough, it will kill your romantic appeal.

Use Less Foundation 

       Your foundation should not be visible on your face and if it is, then you have gone over board with it. It will spoil your natural look and your man will think that you are not gifted with a beautiful skin. Foundation is just meant to mask away your skin flaws but not to make your face look like a mannequin.

Avoid Applying too Much Perfume 

      If you apply a lot of perfume, it will again be unappealing. Apply very light perfume that will look descent. It might be also possible that your date is allergic to fragrances. In that case, you may ruin your date.

Don’t count Calories While On A Date 

     Date is not a time to think much about your dieting. This may spoil your dinner or a lunch with your romantic partner. If you will not eat properly, your partner may not either. Forget for the time being that you are on diet and enjoy your meal with your beloved. This way your man will feel respected and will start loving your more.

Don’t fix Your Makeup In public

       If you fix your make-up in front of your man, he will think that you have made efforts to make yourself beautiful. You shouldn't spoil your image or create a bad impression regarding your looks by adjusting your make-up. Let your man be in the illusion that you are outstanding without making much effort. You can go the rest room to adjust your make-up if required.

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