Thursday, 3 September 2015

10 Things Only A Single Guy Would Do

      When you are single you have all the time for yourself. You are the master of your life with no responsibilities. You should give in a thought as to what things a single guy can do. The world is your stage and you are the free to script your play and enact it as well. These are the days that give you all the luxury to live life on your terms and the way to want to. There is no end to the things single guys do or let us say enjoy the comfort to do. 

      But life is not so simple. You cannot have butter on both sides. What might seem like fun and enjoyment for others might be a little troublesome for you at times. There are things which only a single guy will understand. Living alone and managing everything may not be so easy. Behind that carefree and limitless freedom are hidden a number of concerns and challenges which only a single guy can experience, understand and empathize with.

    To face these challenges and counter each problem there are certain steps to be taken & thought as what things a single man can do. These are means and methods adopted by most single guys which helps them live a relatively comfortable life and keeps problems under control.

1. Tied Up Socks:

      After a load of washing, which every single guy should do on a weekend, it becomes difficult to locate the pairs of socks. If you find one the other goes missing. So what is the best solution? Tie up both socks together. That is the way to wash them to keep them from getting separated. 

2. Mixed Pile Of Dirty And Washed Clothes: 

       Maintaining and managing laundry is probably one of the biggest problems faced by single guys. This often results in washed and dirty clothes getting mixed up

3. Smelling Clothes: 

         Now since dirty and washed clothes have been mixed up how do you differentiate? This is one of the best things single guys do. They go about smelling each one. The task is to separate fresh smelling ones from the dirty smelling ones. They sure do have a nose for clothes.

 4. Sharing Bed With Laundry: 

        Once again a laundry nightmare. No single guy has the time and inclination to spend on folding and putting away washed laundry. So where does this land up? On the bed. And it is not surprising to find a guy sleeping on the bed that he shares with a load of laundry

5. Eating Maggi In A Cooking Vessel: 

        Maggi is one of the easiest things to prepare, no doubt. Every single guy has packets of Maggi but the problem is to serve it out in bowls. Being single, having no one else to share with and the sheer lack of effort ‘forces’ guys to eat straight out of the cooking vessel. Saves time on washing dishes as well. 

6. Sleeping Without Bed Sheet: 

      The bed is ready with a mattress but no guy has the patience to cover the mattress with a sheet. It is a lack of time and effort. When sleepy most guys will prefer sleeping on mattresses without sheets than get up and take efforts to spread one.

7. Surviving On Egg And Milk: 

         Every morning is a marathon run. Guys have to rush to work and have no time to prepare breakfast. Unlike girls they do not consider the time they need to prepare some food for themselves. The most filling breakfast becomes a glass of milk with raw eggs stirred in them. In one shot you get a complete and filling meal. And when back from work and no time to prepare or order dinner the best bet is milk again. 

 8. Messy Cupboard: 

            The cupboard of a single guy is a maze. It can even take the form of a ‘landslide’. The moment you open it things will start tumbling out. There is no intention of storing things in a cupboard to keep things organized. The idea is to simply stack things away. So the routine is like opening the cupboard, placing things in whatever place available and shutting it tight. There comes a time when there is no more place and all the stuff pours out on your face.

9. Staying In Office Overnight:

         This is one of the things single guys do which girls will never be able to understand. In many offices, mainly the information technology related, guys prefer to stay back in office all night. They may or may not be able to complete work during the day but night times are in office. They work at their pace and possibly with better concentration since no distraction exists in the quiet of the night. 

10. Problems Of Maintaining Formals: 

          This one problem comes up in various forms. This one is rather a difficult one. As long as wearing casuals is concerned there is no issue but when it comes to wearing formals the clothes need to be well washed and ironed. No guy has the time to iron clothes but if it is a must to formals one cannot help it and it has to be done. A challenge that has to be faced with great bravery. Being single has its advantages as well as difficulties. Things single guys do may sound exciting and adventurous but they too face many challenges in daily life. It depends upon how each one looks at life – a glass half full or half empty. 

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