Thursday, 3 September 2015

Is Your Girlfriend Lying?

      All of us do lie in some situations and it is perfectly human. But if it happens in a love relationship, the trust factor can get damaged. Relationships are built on the foundation of trust and integrity. Bonds get broken when the trust factor disappears.

      Is your girlfriend hiding something from you? Is she lying? Well, there are some simple ways to sense whether she is lying. 

     Firstly, stop suspecting her if you are imagining any crazy things. Until you find some concrete signs she is lying, don't curb her freedom, don't confront her and don't try to corner her.

      But how to tell if she is lying? Here are some simple clues that may help you.

She Tries To Divert 

      In the middle of something, if she is suddenly trying to change the topic, then it might be a sign that she is lying.

She Starts Seducing 

      Some women know the weak point of men. When they have to cover up a lie, they start seducing the man with their charms.

She Hides Her Phone 

     If there is some suspicious activity in her phone, she will surely try to hide her phone from you. This is a sign that she is lying with you.

She Will Stammer 

    Of course, nervousness tends to make anyone stammer when lying. So, watch out for such signs.

She Might Avoid Eye Contact 

      If she is trying to avoid eye contact, something must be wrong. Is she lying? Find out.

Is She Too Defensive 

     When a person is tired of lying, he or she may suddenly turn defensive.

She Starts Crying 

     When everything else fails, she may break down into tears. Yes, lying can make her feel guilty and stressed out.

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