Thursday, 3 September 2015

Things Every Man Must Give His Woman

In a relationship it is important for a man and woman to share a common understanding with each other. Just like how she pampers you with everything in the world, you should in turn pamper your lady . Gifts are not the only thing you can spoil her with. Go for the basic things that would make any woman happy and over joyed in the relationship.

Today, I gonna share with you some of the things every man must give his woman in the relationship. Take a look at these things, if you've been showering her with most of them, well your lady is one lucky damsel. If you haven't it is time you did! 

Play Those Complements 

       Every woman deserves to get complements from her man. If you've failed to deliver those complements, it is time you told her that she looks beautiful.

Treat Her Well 

       A woman has to be treated well and right in the relationship. There has to be mutual understanding, love and care. Men should treat their ladies with respect and with a caring attitude.


       Women, make sure that your man gives you undivided attention in the relationship. Gentlemen, It is important to set aside time for your lady love, she deserves it.

Be Honest 

       One of the main things every man must give his woman is honesty. Without being honest to each other, there is no point of having a relationship.


      Ask any woman what she feels about foreplay and sex! Most women prefer the former to the latter. So, guys make sure you pamper her with a lot of things that can easily turn her on without the actual deal.

Make Her Belong To You 

     If you love her more than words can say, make sure you show her... This is one of the things every man must give his woman in the relationship - show her your love.

That PMS Period

     As a man in her life, it is important to understand that PMS stage. Women get way to cranky during this time and pampering her is the ideal way to make her feel on cloud 9.

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