Thursday, 3 September 2015

Questions You Need To Ask Your Man

       When we are in love we wish to know even the smallest thing of our partners. Everything is smooth between a couple if they have good understanding. In this article today, we are here to share few questions you need to ask your man to get closer to him and understand him in a better way

     We always think we know everything about the person whom we dating, but the truth is that there's always something new to learn. Talking and interacting more often with them helps you to understand your partner in a better way.

     This is why you should make it a point to talk to your man about everything and on various different subjects as you can. To keep your bond strong with your man know his priorities.

      Check out a few questions that you can and should ask your boyfriend the next time you meet as it will help you feel closer to him.

His Perfect Day 

       Ask your boyfriend the way he would spend his most ideal perfect day. With this you might get to know where he would like to spend his time with you other than the usual casual dates of movies. Even when you think you know everything about him already, this can be an eye opener as how well you know his choices.

Most Proud Of 

       Doesn't this sound like an interview question? Yes but don't give it a skip! Ask him about the instances that make him proud of. He might get lost in thoughts of his childhood where he won a race or may be a stupid bet which he had with his friends.

Values The Most In You 

      Do you even know the actual reason of why he is madly in love with you? Ask him what he values the most about you. This may help you know yourself in a better manner. This is one of the few questions that you can and should ask your boyfriend to make your bond stronger.

Know About His Future Plans 

      When a man is lost in thoughts about his future, he spills the beans himself. If you guys are in a serious relationship, he will make sure to mention about having a family with you and stuff. If you guys are casual dating he will not mention anything as such. This helps you to see where his priorities lay.


    Remember that people never like to talk about their bad traits specially men. This is a major reason for you not to know about the reasons for which he feels most guilty. When he shares his experiences then make sure you do share about yours as well so that he feels better.


     Men do have fears and are scared to share them. They think it makes them feel weak if they share. Ensure you make him comfortable and only then ask him about his fears. It can be anything like his career or his mother's health, or may be even about his relationship with you? If you just ask him, you'll be surprised to know what deep secrets he'll open up to you.

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