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Is Your Girlfriend Lying?

      All of us do lie in some situations and it is perfectly human. But if it happens in a love relationship, the trust factor can get damaged. Relationships are built on the foundation of trust and integrity. Bonds get broken when the trust factor disappears.

      Is your girlfriend hiding something from you? Is she lying? Well, there are some simple ways to sense whether she is lying. 

     Firstly, stop suspecting her if you are imagining any crazy things. Until you find some concrete signs she is lying, don't curb her freedom, don't confront her and don't try to corner her.

      But how to tell if she is lying? Here are some simple clues that may help you.

She Tries To Divert 

      In the middle of something, if she is suddenly trying to change the topic, then it might be a sign that she is lying.

She Starts Seducing 

      Some women know the weak point of men. When they have to cover up a lie, they start seducing the man with their charms.

She Hides Her Phone 

     If there is some suspicious activity in her phone, she will surely try to hide her phone from you. This is a sign that she is lying with you.

She Will Stammer 

    Of course, nervousness tends to make anyone stammer when lying. So, watch out for such signs.

She Might Avoid Eye Contact 

      If she is trying to avoid eye contact, something must be wrong. Is she lying? Find out.

Is She Too Defensive 

     When a person is tired of lying, he or she may suddenly turn defensive.

She Starts Crying 

     When everything else fails, she may break down into tears. Yes, lying can make her feel guilty and stressed out.

How To Have Peaceful Relationships

   All of us often wonder how to have peaceful relationships. Frankly speaking, it is not so difficult but still, all of us seem to fail in this aspect. 
    It is a fact that arguments do happen in in steady relationships. Disagreements are not totally unhealthy. In fact a healthy debate is always important in a healthy relationship. 
    But still, why do we often wonder how to have peaceful relationships? Well, this is because we seldom have control over our minds and hearts. 
   The moment we are hurt, we try to attack the other person. The moment we are offended, we try to do the same to the partner.

     In fact, helping the other person dealing with the pain is more important than hurting the person for hurting you. Now, let me take a look at certain ways to have peaceful relationships.

Control Your Tongue 

       Though expressing yourself is important in relationships, it s also important to control your words in certain situations. Especially, during arguments, it is better to refrain from uttering every word that comes to your mind.
      Keep your words simple and to the point in such situations. Or else, stop talking till your mood gets better so that at least the other person is not hurt.

Control Your Reaction

      When a fight starts, it continues only when both the partners continue it. If one of them stops, it won't continue. So, the point is that when none of the parties is willing to back off, the fight never ends. 
      Controlling your reactions to certain situations is important in order to have peace in your relationship. 


     If your partner wants to go out alone, you might quickly assume that he or she has some other plans. If your partner takes more time than expected in getting back to you after a text, you might even suspect her. 
     Such things spoil your peace of mind and they also spoil the peace in the relationship. So, it is better to stay away from quick assumptions or conclusions.

Rules For Fighting Fair In A Relationship

      In relationships, there are some rules for fighting fair. It is a fact that fights are inevitable in a relationship. 
    When such situations are inevitable, it is better to at least ensure that things don't take an ugly turn. 
     For that, one must master the art of fighting fair. When a fight is compulsory, then at least fighting fair make some sense. 

      Also, remember the fact that in relationships, winning is not important. Winning the other person's heart is more important.

Remember the same in all your arguments and observe the changes in your relationship. You will never lose the other person especially if you have never hurt him or her.

   In this post, let us discuss about rules for fighting fair. Though implementing them isn't easy, every effort will take you a bit closer to success. So, never stop trying to be fair when you fight with your partner.

Don't Call Names 

      The moment we start an argument, we generally lose our temper and start calling names. This would in fact hurt the other person and it is very unhealthy. The overall purpose of a healthy argument gets defeated. 

Don't Interrupt

       A conversation is supposed to flow like a river. Don't obstruct the flow by interrupting the other person. This will irritate the person to a big extent. 

Don't Yell 

     This is one of the rules for fighting fair in marriage. Yelling could get repulsive especially during the middle of an argument. Yelling at each other is the ugliest thing a couple could do to each other. 

Don't Be Defensive 

      Being open helps. Being defensive serves no purpose especially when you are talking openly with your partner. 

Don't Be Sarcastic 

      When you are fighting with your partner, your sarcasm just adds fuel to the fight. It is better to keep it simple and straight so that the chances of disasters would reduce. 

Don't Blame 

      Blaming others for your mistakes or others' mistakes is of no use as nothing could be done about certain things of the past. If you have a problem, you can still express your displeasure in plain sentences instead of getting into blame game. 

Don't Intimidate 

       Certain gestures do intimidate the other person especially during a fight. Ensure that you mind your body language during a fight. If you are careless about how you move your body, the other person can take it as intimidation. Don't Walk Out This is one of the ground rules for fighting fair. Your partner might feel insulted especially if you walk out during the middle of an argument without resolving the issue. It isn't a healthy thing to do.

Is Fighting Good For Your Relationship?

       Heated discussion with your man can never be fun but they are bound to transpire. Most women who are in a serious relationship with their boyfriend would have experienced major conflict even if it is just six months into their relationship. And when there are disputes you start to get worried that the loving bond you've have endeavored to create in your relationship will one way or another begin to erode.

      Some couples do assume that conflict can crumple a relationship and so they prefer to avoid it. However, it is not true. As according to Michael Batshaw, who has authored ‘51 Things You Should Know Before Getting Engaged’ says that engaging in conflict isn't going to end the relationship but it's all about avoiding the conflict. So does a fight help you to love more? According to psychologist Xavier Amander, author of ‘I'm Right, You’re wrong, Now what?’ fighting is an essential ingredient needed for building confidence and intimacy. It may sound buckled, but disagreement can provide an opportunity for couples to grow closer if it is dealt constructively than turning into huge blowouts.

     So how would you know that conflicts don’t ruin your prized relationship but instead it can help you grow more? Let’s find out if fight in relationship can help you to love more

Get Your Negative Thoughts Out 

       One of the things you need to understand is that it’s okay to fight in relationships as it clears the air. Something could be bothering you for quite some time and you are looking for ways to get the feeling and the thoughts out. In such cases, you must try to get your negative thoughts out. When you try to bottle things up, it tends to eat at you and over the long run it can even make you passive aggressive towards your guy. Moreover, this can never be a good idea if you are in a serious relationship. So sometimes, fight in relationship can help you to love more. However, fighting can become a problem if seems to happening more and more often.

Solve The Problem

       Most of the time, your partner is not intentionally trying to put you down or hurt you during an argument. Understand that getting hurt happens to be a spin-off of that action. So, will a fight help you to love more? Everyone wants some excitement and drama in their life. Without fight there would be no flavor in a relationship. It is always better to stir the pot, add some superfluous heat and spice so that it becomes hot enough to enjoy. So, arguments can spice things up in your boring relationship. Remember, arguing can be unpleasant. Keep in your mind that your objective is to solve the problem rather than to see who wins the clash.

If Emotions Go Overboard Take A Break

          Again it is highly crucial to stay calm while you are addressing the conflict. Yet realistically you also need to understand that someone would definitely become upset, frustrated or irritated when you are talking about the conflict. So, if you find yourself getting more emotional, take a break to placate and calm down. In addition, this way you can save and improve your relationship.

Side To Side Conversations

      According to the author of “5 Simple steps to Take Your Marriage from good to great” has revealed that men are much more likely to be able to communicate effectively and clearly when discussing about a tricky topic such as when they are doing an activity like walking or hiking. Besides it always better to have side to side conversation as it is a good way to control the heat of the moment. 
        So, how does fighting help you love more? Having precincts about what is acceptable behavior with no yelling or no cursing and screaming can recover a bad fight in your relationship and help you to love more. Instead of seeing disagreements as a peril in your relationship, try to see it as an opportunity and indication of growth for building a stronger bond.

Share You Feelings 

      Conflict is the best way to get your feeling across to your partner. So, try to work on your listening skills. One of the benefits of fighting in a relationship is that it is better to communicate and share your feelings with each other than keeping it to yourself. Consider the frame of mind of your partner instead of bombarding him or her with your verbal or taunting remarks. Try to assess his mood before going ahead.
      However, it doesn't mean it works all the time as sometimes your partner does not want to listen to you. This might be because they may not understand how serious you are. Fighting in your relationship can help you to love more if your are fully listening to your partner without building the case in the back of your head on how your partner is always wrong. Sometimes fight can help you to love more when both are seeking harmony and affection in your relationship.

6 Things A Wife Must Not Do To Her Husband

        Weddings are made in heaven and so is your relationship with your husband. It is a known fact that women love to talk and be the center of attention in everything, even when it comes to a marriage. But, this does not mean you have to let your husband deal with your daily ranting over and over again. It will be tiresome for your man, and above all it is not right to treat him this way. 

         There are certain things you should never do or say in front of your husband. i have  listed some of the things a wife should certainly be quite about, at least for sometime.

     If you are one of those women who love to talk and complain to your husband about the weight of the world on your shoulders, you seriously need to take a look at this article.

Don't Stalk An Ex 

     Never make the mistake of stalking your ex in front of your husband. It will send across wrong signals and will truly disturb your man

Never Argue On Networks 

     Never make the mistake of arguing on networks with your husband. Deal with your marital problems at home within the four walls.

Hiding That Time Of The Month 

    If you're down at that time of the month, let you're man know the reason, instead of him guessing what is wrong with your mood.

Stop Being A Gossiper

     A woman lives to gossip. If you want to rant to your husband about your day and let him know all those juicy stories, he is going to hate. So, don't waste your time.

Behaving Like A Child 

     Never make the mistake of behaving like a child in front of your husband. He married an adult and not a kid.

Cutting Him Off In Conversations 

     Cutting him off from a conversation is not the right thing to do with your man. Allow him to speak too, it's his right.

7 Things To Avoid On Your First Date

      A date with your man is the most fascinating thing and if its your first date then its the time to create a best impression on your man. You must have heard that first impression can be your last impression and if you are able to grab the opportunity, your partner will always remember you in a good way.

     Apart from your attire for a date, you have to take care of your behavior too. You have to be cautious about certain things during your date. Ladies who talk much have to put a break on that while on a date. You have to be a bit mysterious for your man so that he becomes more curious about knowing you.

      Never spoil your partner's mood by being calorie conscious on a date. If you are on a diet plan, forget it for a moment and have your meals well. This will create a good impression and it will depict rerspect for your man. Here are few more important things that you have to avoid on a date.

Avoid Being Talkative 

       By nature girls, like to talk more but this should not apply on your date. While on a date, especially your first date, you should look classy and elegant. A real lady should create some mystery in her nature and that is only possible when you talk less and talk only when it is needed.

Avoid Old Worn Out lingerie 

      Never wear old and faded underwear during your date. Beautiful lingerie will make you attractive and you will feel confident. Your self esteem during the date will be high. They are pleasant to wear. If you are confident, you man will certainly get attracted to you.

Never Leave Your Legs unshaved 

      Men like soft and smooth skin. If you have small unwanted hair on your legs that will look unappealing. Besides taking care of your facial make-up, you must take care of legs and armpits also. If you are not hygienic enough, it will kill your romantic appeal.

Use Less Foundation 

       Your foundation should not be visible on your face and if it is, then you have gone over board with it. It will spoil your natural look and your man will think that you are not gifted with a beautiful skin. Foundation is just meant to mask away your skin flaws but not to make your face look like a mannequin.

Avoid Applying too Much Perfume 

      If you apply a lot of perfume, it will again be unappealing. Apply very light perfume that will look descent. It might be also possible that your date is allergic to fragrances. In that case, you may ruin your date.

Don’t count Calories While On A Date 

     Date is not a time to think much about your dieting. This may spoil your dinner or a lunch with your romantic partner. If you will not eat properly, your partner may not either. Forget for the time being that you are on diet and enjoy your meal with your beloved. This way your man will feel respected and will start loving your more.

Don’t fix Your Makeup In public

       If you fix your make-up in front of your man, he will think that you have made efforts to make yourself beautiful. You shouldn't spoil your image or create a bad impression regarding your looks by adjusting your make-up. Let your man be in the illusion that you are outstanding without making much effort. You can go the rest room to adjust your make-up if required.

Questions You Need To Ask Your Man

       When we are in love we wish to know even the smallest thing of our partners. Everything is smooth between a couple if they have good understanding. In this article today, we are here to share few questions you need to ask your man to get closer to him and understand him in a better way

     We always think we know everything about the person whom we dating, but the truth is that there's always something new to learn. Talking and interacting more often with them helps you to understand your partner in a better way.

     This is why you should make it a point to talk to your man about everything and on various different subjects as you can. To keep your bond strong with your man know his priorities.

      Check out a few questions that you can and should ask your boyfriend the next time you meet as it will help you feel closer to him.

His Perfect Day 

       Ask your boyfriend the way he would spend his most ideal perfect day. With this you might get to know where he would like to spend his time with you other than the usual casual dates of movies. Even when you think you know everything about him already, this can be an eye opener as how well you know his choices.

Most Proud Of 

       Doesn't this sound like an interview question? Yes but don't give it a skip! Ask him about the instances that make him proud of. He might get lost in thoughts of his childhood where he won a race or may be a stupid bet which he had with his friends.

Values The Most In You 

      Do you even know the actual reason of why he is madly in love with you? Ask him what he values the most about you. This may help you know yourself in a better manner. This is one of the few questions that you can and should ask your boyfriend to make your bond stronger.

Know About His Future Plans 

      When a man is lost in thoughts about his future, he spills the beans himself. If you guys are in a serious relationship, he will make sure to mention about having a family with you and stuff. If you guys are casual dating he will not mention anything as such. This helps you to see where his priorities lay.


    Remember that people never like to talk about their bad traits specially men. This is a major reason for you not to know about the reasons for which he feels most guilty. When he shares his experiences then make sure you do share about yours as well so that he feels better.


     Men do have fears and are scared to share them. They think it makes them feel weak if they share. Ensure you make him comfortable and only then ask him about his fears. It can be anything like his career or his mother's health, or may be even about his relationship with you? If you just ask him, you'll be surprised to know what deep secrets he'll open up to you.

Signs Your Colleague Is In Love With You

    Nowadays, office romance has become common. Relationship experts have found a reason for this. You tend to spend 8 hours of the day in your office. This means that you tend to spend most of your waking hours in front of your team members.

     Well, this makes it easy for falling in love with each other. Have you ever realised that someone in your team is trying to get close to you? If he or she is trying to get close then it is one of the signs your colleague is in love with you.

     There are chances of someone dreaming about you every night after going home. Do you wish to know who it is? Then carefully read the below points. They are some signs your colleague likes you. 

Sign #1 

    He or she tries to talk to you at the drop of the hat. Every now and then, he or she might try to start a conversation with you.

Sign #2 

     He gets caught staring at you. This happens several times and he enjoys getting caught. This just means that your colleague is in love with you!

Sign #3 

    He seeks your opinion in every small matter related to his work even when it is not required. This is because he wants an opportunity to talk to you.

Sign #4 

    He compliments your work too often even when your boss never cares to promote you. He wants to express his love through his compliments.

Sign #5

    He spends most of the time around you though he has other work elsewhere in his cabin. This just shows that he is interested to be around you most of the time.

Sign #6 

     He tries to text you post office. Don't misunderstand this. He is trying to say something if you care to listen.

Sign #7 

    He tries to help you the moment he sees you in trouble. This is one of the signs a colleague likes you.

Sign #8 

    He remembers your birthday and tries to gift you with something expensive. This just means that he wants you to realise that he is interested in you. Of course, don't take the above points for granted. Be practical and confirm the same by talking to him or her openly. Share your opinions about this topic with me.

6 Signs That He Respects You

       Respect is one of the most important thing that is necessary in any given relationship. It makes your relationship stronger with the other person. Today, I'm going to share the 6 important signs that he respects you.

One cannot love a person without respecting them. To make your relationship stronger and for it to sustain the key is respecting your partner. Only when you do so you get to have a happy relationship. Respecting is not necessary that a man alone is suppose to do in the relationship. It is vise versa. Its a two way policy where you have to respect to get respect. Without respecting you get nothing.

Opinion Matters 

               When you thinking of a job change or be a simple thing like selecting a shirt to wear for the day he would ask you generally. Little things like these hint on that he respects you.

Never Dictates 

          You If you think that your man is pretty lenient and gives you the much needed freedom then it is a sign that he trusts and respects you the most. He gives you the much needed space and makes sure that things do not get complicated.

Not Jealous 

        When your man is in love with you he trusts you the most and he gives you the entire freedom. He never stops you from dreaming big and he always encourages you. By doing so he shows that he respects your decisions as well as you.

He's A Team 

         When you make a decision you can always count on him and he is always there to back you. He would never embarrass you or contradict on his words. Your dignity matters to him the most and he will never let you down.

Never A Showoff 

        He never flaunts about his new hike or bike in front of you as they think that what ever happens good is for both of you. What is his is yours. He respects you so he never shows off.

Motivates You 

         When he realizes that you are low due to any pressure at work or any other reason he is there like a fuel to charge you up with good motivating talk. This is a sign that he respects you and motivates you to reach heights. 

10 Things Only A Single Guy Would Do

      When you are single you have all the time for yourself. You are the master of your life with no responsibilities. You should give in a thought as to what things a single guy can do. The world is your stage and you are the free to script your play and enact it as well. These are the days that give you all the luxury to live life on your terms and the way to want to. There is no end to the things single guys do or let us say enjoy the comfort to do. 

      But life is not so simple. You cannot have butter on both sides. What might seem like fun and enjoyment for others might be a little troublesome for you at times. There are things which only a single guy will understand. Living alone and managing everything may not be so easy. Behind that carefree and limitless freedom are hidden a number of concerns and challenges which only a single guy can experience, understand and empathize with.

    To face these challenges and counter each problem there are certain steps to be taken & thought as what things a single man can do. These are means and methods adopted by most single guys which helps them live a relatively comfortable life and keeps problems under control.

1. Tied Up Socks:

      After a load of washing, which every single guy should do on a weekend, it becomes difficult to locate the pairs of socks. If you find one the other goes missing. So what is the best solution? Tie up both socks together. That is the way to wash them to keep them from getting separated. 

2. Mixed Pile Of Dirty And Washed Clothes: 

       Maintaining and managing laundry is probably one of the biggest problems faced by single guys. This often results in washed and dirty clothes getting mixed up

3. Smelling Clothes: 

         Now since dirty and washed clothes have been mixed up how do you differentiate? This is one of the best things single guys do. They go about smelling each one. The task is to separate fresh smelling ones from the dirty smelling ones. They sure do have a nose for clothes.

 4. Sharing Bed With Laundry: 

        Once again a laundry nightmare. No single guy has the time and inclination to spend on folding and putting away washed laundry. So where does this land up? On the bed. And it is not surprising to find a guy sleeping on the bed that he shares with a load of laundry

5. Eating Maggi In A Cooking Vessel: 

        Maggi is one of the easiest things to prepare, no doubt. Every single guy has packets of Maggi but the problem is to serve it out in bowls. Being single, having no one else to share with and the sheer lack of effort ‘forces’ guys to eat straight out of the cooking vessel. Saves time on washing dishes as well. 

6. Sleeping Without Bed Sheet: 

      The bed is ready with a mattress but no guy has the patience to cover the mattress with a sheet. It is a lack of time and effort. When sleepy most guys will prefer sleeping on mattresses without sheets than get up and take efforts to spread one.

7. Surviving On Egg And Milk: 

         Every morning is a marathon run. Guys have to rush to work and have no time to prepare breakfast. Unlike girls they do not consider the time they need to prepare some food for themselves. The most filling breakfast becomes a glass of milk with raw eggs stirred in them. In one shot you get a complete and filling meal. And when back from work and no time to prepare or order dinner the best bet is milk again. 

 8. Messy Cupboard: 

            The cupboard of a single guy is a maze. It can even take the form of a ‘landslide’. The moment you open it things will start tumbling out. There is no intention of storing things in a cupboard to keep things organized. The idea is to simply stack things away. So the routine is like opening the cupboard, placing things in whatever place available and shutting it tight. There comes a time when there is no more place and all the stuff pours out on your face.

9. Staying In Office Overnight:

         This is one of the things single guys do which girls will never be able to understand. In many offices, mainly the information technology related, guys prefer to stay back in office all night. They may or may not be able to complete work during the day but night times are in office. They work at their pace and possibly with better concentration since no distraction exists in the quiet of the night. 

10. Problems Of Maintaining Formals: 

          This one problem comes up in various forms. This one is rather a difficult one. As long as wearing casuals is concerned there is no issue but when it comes to wearing formals the clothes need to be well washed and ironed. No guy has the time to iron clothes but if it is a must to formals one cannot help it and it has to be done. A challenge that has to be faced with great bravery. Being single has its advantages as well as difficulties. Things single guys do may sound exciting and adventurous but they too face many challenges in daily life. It depends upon how each one looks at life – a glass half full or half empty. 

Why Being Single Isn't A Great Idea?

   When you are young and enjoying life, you may think that being single for a long time could surely be a great idea but it isn't according to psychologists.

    Also, staying alone forever isn't practical. Many people think that it is better to avoid the struggles of relationships; they prefer to stay alone. But on the other hand, relationships can also contribute joy though they also cause pain. 

    Though many relationships are failing in the modern world, experts suggest that it doesn't mean that being in a relationship or marrying someone is totally futile.

Loneliness May Cause Depression 

       Being single for a long time may also cause depression according to health experts. Gradually, negative feelings may arise when a person is not cared for or loved.

Ageing Body Requires Company 

      Are your too comfortable being single? Well, then it is better to realise that some or the other day, your body requires the help or co-operation of your family members when it is old and ill. This is a good reason to have a companion and kids

Sharing Your Joys Becomes Important 

        Do you know why being single isn't wise? Well, when you want to share your joys with a special someone, where would you run? When that joy is missing, life isn't beautiful any more.

Life Loses Its Meaning 

         Staying alone forever isn't easy as it could be frustrating. One day, life totally loses its meaning and this may cause regrets. So, it is better to stay with loved ones instead of trying to choose a harder path. 

Things Women Do That Annoy Men

      Yes, even beautiful women can sometimes look unattractive. Though some men are okay with whatever women do, there are others that would beg to differ. There are some things women do that are unattractive.

       Some behavior patterns may turn men off. There could be many reasons why we perceive certain things like that. The reasons could be cultural ones or the upbringing conditions. But the fact is, some things that women do may come across as pretentious. What are they? Why men hate such actions?

Making Faces In Selfies

       Some women have the habit of making funny faces or weird expressions in their selfies. Of course, they think that it is cool but men hate such pictures.

Posting Too Many Selfies 

       Also some women keep posting their selfies multiple times in a day on their social networking profiles. Men perceive this as a disorder.

Wearing Too Much Of Makeup 

        Excessive make up is another one of the gross things women do that men hate. 

Acting Like Damsel In Distress 

        Some girls have this habit. They act childish. Some pretend as if they are 'weak' and they need the help of a man. Men generally hate this kind of pretentious behavior

How To Win Long Distance Relationship

       When we hear about long distance relationships, we always assume that it will not work out as the distance factor matters the most. But if you are in a long distance relationship and are serious about it, then this article is just for you as we here to share tips on how to win a long distance relationship.

      There are many reasons as to why a long distance relationship may not work apart from the distance factor but that doesn't mean it is not worth it. A long distance relationship can be healthy, fun and the best things that could happen to you.

         Relationships always need to be worked on and can't be taken for granted. To win a long distance relationship, you need to work a little extra but the result is worth it.

        Few simple adjustments and compromises in your attitude and in your lifestyle can help you keep your loved one in your life. Always remember that just because one of you is moving out of town or to other city doesn't mean that your relationship is over, instead a little homework is needed to keep the spark on.

Communicate More Often 

      As you won't be seeing each other more often, it is very important to bond and maintain an emotional connection with your partner. These conversations need not have to be a detail talk that goes on for hours together. You can always brief them about your doings and activities. Make sure you tell stuf in detail when your partner is free and not trouble them when they busy. This is one of the basic step to keep your relationship stronger. 

Work On Your Schedules 

       You need to have an idea about how you guys can coordinate your holidays and events. If you are busier than your partner, then inform them about your tight schedule. One of the rules of having a relationship is "Flexibility". You need to plan your dates flexibly.

Visit Often 

      Sit down with your partner and plan your weekends as to when you'll will see each other. Plan the venue and day chores prior to the visit. This saves time and makes the visit more meaningful. Avoid meeting at home all the time as you will not be able to explore new places and malls around.

Support Each Other 

       You have to be there for your partner even if you are hundred miles away. Always be a good listener as that is a key to win your long distance relationship. Hear them out when they are in trouble, or if they hurt. Make sure you are available to them so that they can reach you if they need to. Remember this, if they deal everything alone then they will no longer need you or depend on you.

Celebrate The Boring 

        Tired of doing the regular household work alone? Try to make it interesting by involving your partner. Try to do household chores that couples do when they live together like grocery shopping, cleaning the closet, redecorating, etc. It gives a feeling of creating a home together and makes your bond stronger as well.

Create Trust Trust

       is incredibly important in any given relationship. Try and be loyal to your partner and avoid temptations. Avoid situations where you might get tempted, and always assure your partner that you there for them as this makes you feel more responsible and committed.

Signs He's Trying To Control You

Some men are very dangerous; they are control freaks. Well, such men are bad in relationships though they seem to come across as genuine lovers in the initial stages.

     Well, how to identify such men? Well, there are some signs of a control freak. If you see any such qualities, then you can understand that the person is trying to control things in the relationship. 

      Such people are there among both men and women though in this post we are talking more about control freaks who are men. So, you know how to deal with a control freak? Well, you must first be strong enough to face or confront such a person. It is better to be brave enough to come out of such a relationship as they could make a relationship feel like slavery.
        Now, let us discuss about the signs of a control freak

He Never Listens 

         When you try to express your point of view, he never listens. Well, he wants you to listen to his point of view. Well, this is one of the signs he is a control freak.

He Never Adjusts 

      He wants you to adjust to his likes, dislikes and life in general but he never adjusts or understands anything about you.

He Isn't Flexible But Expects You To Be 

      He always demands you to be flexible but he is always rigid. This is one of the signs of a control freak.

He Is In Control All The Time 

      After a few days, you may feel as if he is controlling every step of your life and every aspect of the relationship. Control freaks gradually crave to control your life.

Very Critical 

      In order to make you adhere to him, he may always criticise you. This is just to kill your self esteem. This is one of the signs of a control freak.

Secretly Jealous 

      Control freaks are generally jealous though they don't display such feelings openly. This is one of the signs of a control freak.

10 Things Girls Like To Hear From Men

        Girls like to hear many things from their boyfriends or even husbands that will make her feel happy and satisfied with the relation. However, men never realise that they should say these simple things that can make the bond with her even more stronger. 
         Girls are a bit diverted from being practical and want to hear the things which they might already know . They don't want to get underestimated in any case and always want to know their importance in your life.

         Sometimes guys also think that if they say anything, they might take it in a wrong sense. Therefore, they like to keep mum and fear that saying anything might spoil their relationship. On the contrary, some guys don't feel the need to say anything because of many reasons. Some don't say as they don't want to make the girl feel her importance and some don't say as they think that their girl already knows it.

         However, you need to say these simple things to a girl that will make her happy and make your relationship strong. Here are some simple things that will make your girl happy.

Asking For Her Opinion 

        This will also show that your girl is important to you. Involving her in your decisions will make her feel important and respected as well. Remember, she may also give you an advice that will help you a lot as there will be feminine touch and she may have a different perspective that will prove beneficial to you.

I’m So Lucky To Have You 

          If you tell a girl that she is your lucky charm and you are lucky to have her, she will fall head over heels in love with you. Knowing her importance in your life is very important as she will know that you are not underestimating her rather these words say that you can't live without her at all.

Compliment Her 

          Remember that your girl spends a lot of time in beautifying herself for only you. Therefore, she deserves some real compliments so that she will feel on the top of the world. If she can take pains for you, then you must say some words of praise for her. Tell her everyday that she looks fabulous and don't take her for granted.

You’re My Best Friend 

           A girl always wants to be your best friend and not just a partner in the bed. Therefore, you must tell her often that she is your best friend and the true love of your life. This shows that you don't love her just for her good looks but because of her nature too.

You Will Always Be The Only Girl In My Life 

           Make her feel that you are truly committed to her so that she will not feel insecure in anyway. You should not just say but mean it. This will make her feel special and clear all the doubts (in any case) regarding you. Saying that she is the only girl and will be her first and last love will also boost your relationship and her self esteem too.

You’ll Make A Wonderful Mother 

           Telling your girl that you have all qualities of a good mother is a mark of respect for her and ever girl would love to listen that. This will make her feel perfect and flawless in her character. Knowing that she can be a good mother will really make her so in future.

I Love You 

        These are the magical words that every girl loves to listen be it fake or true. The girls heart will definitely melt for you with these three words. However, if not only your words but actions mean that you love her, she will definitely fall for you.

Praise Her After Getting Intimate 

        You must praise and show gratitude to her when you get intimate with her on bed. This will make her feel wonderful and encourage her to be bold.

Let’s Go Shopping! 

         Every girl loves to shop, so if you want to win her heart, take her out for shopping. You can take her for shopping after a nice date.

I Need A Cuddle 

        Girls love to hear that you want to cuddle her with great love and affection. If you will ask her for a cuddle, she will come to know her importance in your life. You need not to shy away if you have a new relationship. This will boost your relation with her.

How To Cool Your Sensitive Girlfriend

Every man must know how to deal with a highly sensitive person. Some women are generally on the sensitive side. Blame it on hormones or moods, some women tend to hyper react to certain situations.

As a man you just need to know how to cool her down. If you can't go through that emotional exercise then you are not meant to be with expressive women. Never try to judge her or label her. Some women tend to get overwhelmed in emotions; so they get carried away when they are upset.

Though this might be a boring episode to men, some do enjoy it as they get the feeling of 'knight in the shining armour' for 'the damsel in distress'.

Stay Cool
Never lose your cool when dealing with a hypersensitive girlfriend. Things might get worse if you react without thinking. 

Don't Even Try To Judge Her

           Judge her and she will cry even more! Say something nice or remain silent for a moment.

Don't Label Her

           If you ever label her as emotional or sensitive, you will lose her forever. She hates it!

Try To Read Her Emotions

           All sensitive girls need only one thing: an understanding partner. Try to read what she's trying to communicate through her sensitive feelings.

Hug Her Tight

         This will work wonders when she is in tears. Make her feel secure in your hug.

Let Her Talk

       Give enough room for her to cry as much as possible and talk as much as possible. Don't even interrupt her. She will explode if you do so.

Don't Criticise Her

         The worst thing you can do is criticise her actions at that vulnerable moment.

Tell Her Something Sweet

         Treat her like a child and pamper her for sometime. Tell sweet things about her to see whether she gets normal.

Make Her Laugh

           Make an effort to make her laugh. Your efforts are enough to make her understand that you do care for her.

Kiss Her!

         This will work out wonders if done correctly. But if gone wrong, she might even slap you for doing such a thing in the wrong time lol