Thursday, 3 September 2015

Signs He's Trying To Control You

Some men are very dangerous; they are control freaks. Well, such men are bad in relationships though they seem to come across as genuine lovers in the initial stages.

     Well, how to identify such men? Well, there are some signs of a control freak. If you see any such qualities, then you can understand that the person is trying to control things in the relationship. 

      Such people are there among both men and women though in this post we are talking more about control freaks who are men. So, you know how to deal with a control freak? Well, you must first be strong enough to face or confront such a person. It is better to be brave enough to come out of such a relationship as they could make a relationship feel like slavery.
        Now, let us discuss about the signs of a control freak

He Never Listens 

         When you try to express your point of view, he never listens. Well, he wants you to listen to his point of view. Well, this is one of the signs he is a control freak.

He Never Adjusts 

      He wants you to adjust to his likes, dislikes and life in general but he never adjusts or understands anything about you.

He Isn't Flexible But Expects You To Be 

      He always demands you to be flexible but he is always rigid. This is one of the signs of a control freak.

He Is In Control All The Time 

      After a few days, you may feel as if he is controlling every step of your life and every aspect of the relationship. Control freaks gradually crave to control your life.

Very Critical 

      In order to make you adhere to him, he may always criticise you. This is just to kill your self esteem. This is one of the signs of a control freak.

Secretly Jealous 

      Control freaks are generally jealous though they don't display such feelings openly. This is one of the signs of a control freak.

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