Saturday, 14 May 2016

Do Men Run After Only Beauty?

     Women think that men run after only beauty. Of course, most of the men seem to run after beautiful women. In fact, some men give weird stares at women the moment a beautiful woman walks around.
       Well, when you take a deeper look, you will realize that it is not so. Men admire various other qualities in women like intelligence, wisdom, kindness, generosity, caring nature, skills, abilities, wit, sense of humor and the list goes on and on.
      In fact, there are so many handsome men who fell for intelligent women rather than beautiful women. If you don't believe, here are some facts.

Fact #1 

       Men in the age group of 15-25 would surely want a very beautiful girl to date. Generally, men of that age are immature and they don't know what they want.

Fact #2 

      Men between the ages 25-30 years would crave to date a woman with some emotional stability. This is because they have already burnt their fingers dating a very beautiful girl who was emotionally volatile.

Fact #3 

      After 30, men realize that beauty isn't the only thing to desire for. Also, by that age, most of the men would have dated at least one or two beautiful women and that is what makes them transcend the desire to date only good looking women. 

Fact #4 

      After 30, if a man is single, he is considered lucky because that is the time a man really realizes what he truly wants from a life partner. So, men of that age generally give less priority to beauty.

Fact #5 

         After 35, if a man is still single, he would crave for an intelligent partner as he realizes that only beauty and love making aren't enough to enjoy life.

Fact #6 

    Gradually, as men age they realise that an understanding partner is the most important gift in life. As the ups and downs of life enlighten men, they totally forget that beauty makes a woman desirable. 

Fact #7

       Today's men have totally realized that without the support of women, life would be tough. So, qualities like care, love, capacity to run a house, taking timely decisions, giving intellectual company and helping the man take wise decisions play an 

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